Flywheel Digital Now Offering Walmart Sponsored Product API Management


Today, we are pleased to announce that Flywheel is extending its managed services to’s Sponsored Products via Walmart’s Advertising API. We have been working with Walmart’s Product, Engineering, and Sales teams and have been consistently impressed by their quality of people and their vision for how brands can best partner with Walmart.

With 95% of America shopping at Walmart and/or annually, Walmart Sponsored Products will help advertisers increase product visibility, sales, and organic ranking on This is a huge unlock for brands that have spent decades building a partnership with Walmart bricks-and-mortar, and gives unique omni-channel visibility.

A few additional observations from our testing:

  • Walmart is a first-price auction, which means that your bid = to your CPC, making it a clearing exercise. Because of that, bidding strategies are different from what we see with a second-price auction.
  • CPCs are very low right now and there is a significant first-mover advantage before auction density increases.
  • Walmart provides reporting by mobile/app/desktop, which should help influence future investment decisions based on platform performance.
  • Conversion rates are impressively high, especially in-app, which is leading to low cost per acquisitions.

We see Sponsored Products as a building block in a brand’s Walmart Media Mix and a great compliment to other brand investments in Walmart Display, Brand Amplifiers, Search Term POV Banners.

We are pleased to be among the first Walmart Advertising Partners, are excited about this first step, and looking forward to what’s next: Walmart already leads grocery pickup and delivery, with 62% more customers than the #2 platform, according to Second Measure.

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