Technology Solutions

We solve complex digital commerce challenges.

Data Science

Scale insights that drive action.

Flywheel’s Data Science team develops advanced modeling and machine learning via industry leading modeling and compute technologies to drive research and development for clients.

Our team creates value for clients by modeling supply chain optimizations, forecasting sales, creating unique media bidding techniques and more.

Tech Stack

A proprietary environment built from the ground up.

Recognizing the unique needs of the most complicated manufacturers, Flywheel built its cloud-based, microservices architecture to drive both scale and solve bespoke challenges for clients.

Brand & Data Security

Infrastructure to protect client data.

Our hosting environment is private, deployed into two separate VPCs that are geographically diverse with controlled access through OKTA and 2FA.

All code is stored within a GitHub repository and can be deployed to any new hosting environment in the event of a catastrophic failure. All data is segmented and managed using object-based security.

Scale & Automation

Tech as a tailwind.

We manage hundreds of millions of dollars in spend and billions in sales across the world. Our technology automates our best-in-class methodologies, freeing up colleagues and clients to deep dive on the business and discover growth opportunities.

Insights & Reporting

Industry leading technology: FILA

Flywheel’s technology is proprietary, wholly owned, and built from the ground up. It gives our team and our clients the sophistication needed to move at the speed of Digital Commerce.

Our platform is both a reporting tool for our clients and a management tool for our teams. By combining disparate data sources we’re able to:

  • Determine causation of sales in real time
  • Power automation
  • Drive performance at scale
  • Provide unlimited segmentation allowing customers to view

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