Digital commerce & retail strategy consulting

Our consultants leverage Flywheel’s proprietary data, analytics and strategic insights to support our partners in achieving their digital commerce ambitions.

We act as an extension of your team, helping you navigate and stay ahead of the constantly changing landscape. Our team is a mix of retail practitioners and industry challengers and our focus is to build value for our partners, support them in achieving profitable growth, and drive digital commerce forward.


Maximizing your digital potential

Opportunity assessment & sizing

Flywheel Consulting combines the best of its proprietary market, channel, retailer, and category data with our industry expertise in order to size the prize for your category in desired regions, markets, or platforms. We quantify the scale of your current category online and provide a 3 and 5 year forecast so you can plan ahead, taking the guesswork out of your digital commerce strategic planning.

eCommerce category sizing

Strategic planning

Quantify the size of the prize for your category online to guide investment decisions

Resource allocation

Equip your global and regional teams with the needed insight to prioritize geographic focus

Retailer negotiations

Support commercial teams in joint business planning and negotiation with key retailer platforms

Market & category expansion

Identify whitespace and potential new category entry opportunities

Digital shelf assessment

Identify down to the SKU-level where your brand is out-performing the competition, and highlight key opportunities for optimization.

Delivery intermediaries, quick commerce & last-mile strategy

Get tailored guidance for building and excuting transparent, reliable last-mile strategies

Get unique data & insight into last-mile operators

Propietary global database

Partnership tracking

GTM & JBP Strategies

Trend & scenario identification

Digital shelf assessments

Profitability & portfolio assessments

Online profitability presents unique P&L opportunities to enhance margins and refine investment decisions. Our assessment and toolkit illuminate the profitability landscape of your digital portfolio, guiding you towards optimized outcomes.

Monitor profitability at the SKU Level

Understand portfolio risk

Identify areas of over or under investment

Improve pricing, promotion, and assortment strategy

Understand leverage and risk in joint business planning


Crafting your digital roadmap

Retail media strategy

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)

Competition for traffic and conversion on Amazon is intense. You need full visbility to ensure your media dollars are delivering superior results.

Derive actionable insights across disparate sources (ads, retail, 1P information, AWS), our team uses AMC clean rooms to help you:

Get unique data & insight

Understand consumer purchasing behavior

Measure paid search incrementality

Attribute fractional credit for activities along the purchase journey

Quantify the long-term value of media investment

Improve autonomous auction bidding

Digital commerce strategy

Adapt your strategy, capabilities, and team to win in digital commerce

We provide guidance on how to drive digital commerce by enhancing and expanding your presence across platforms, both scaled and emerging, and help identify the capabilities needed to unlock growth opportunities platforms have to offer.

Our team of consultants will partner with you to build a comprehensive digital commerce blueprint to accelerate profitable growth. This comprehensive strategy will be tailored to your business, category dynamics, competitive set, customers, and organizational strengths to help you get and stay ahead.


Digital commerce readiness assessment


Customer prioritization & segmentation


Ecommerce go-to-market roadmap & eJBP strategy


Roadmap activation


Refining for excellence in the digital space

Digital commerce upskilling

Laying the groundwork for your brands growth

Unlock the skills needed to win in digital commerce with custom training programs designed to fit your brands needs. We’re your partners in identifying capability gaps and building programs designed to fill them.

Digital commerce workshops

Continuous education workshop-based program filled with practical insights, case studies, forecasts and immediately actionable, unique data to ensure your team wins on key retailer platforms.

Briefings: future of digital commerce

Inspirational and future-focused session for your team, designed to spark discussion and actions on the digital commerce topic at hand. Our consultants are available to present at industry events, brand conferences, team meetings and frequently serve as keynote speakers.

Supply chain upskilling

An immersive and tailored supply chain & operations training program to support a brand working through end to end supply chain processes in real time from order receipt to processing to invoicing. This action oriented training from our Flywheel supply chain experts identifies potential problem areas and provides immediate operational guidance to address.

Flywheel Consulting delivers this to our partners through hands-on workshops in combination with bespoke playbooks to structure brands’ supply chains, ensuring efficiency and accountability.

Organizational transformation & change management

Constant change is a catalyst for growth

As retail and media converge, brands are rethinking how they organize for success and the best way to structure to support their customers.

We work closely with brands to evaluate their current structure, goals, and roles. From this, we craft organizational recommendations to best support their digital commerce ambitions.

Digital commerce transformation
Agile transformation
Organizational design

We leverage Flywheel’s data, insights, network, and (anonymized) best practice industry learnings to inform our recommendations for the short, mid and long-term — with implementation and change management support every step of the way.

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