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Flywheel's suite of precision targeting, real-time insights, brand amplification and incrementality tools connect your products with your consumers, with superhuman accuracy.

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Tailored automation for ultimate control

From simple goal-based expression to bespoke strategy execution, Flywheel’s optimization engine provides flexible automation at the level you need it.

Placement Targeting

Intraday Bidding

Rule-Based Bidding

Contextual Automation

Goal-based bidding (powered by Perpetua)

Flywheel Commerce Cloud’s proprietary suite adds the layer of sophistication needed to win in the most competitive Retail Media auctions. Proven Perpetua-powered automation allows you to offload manual tasks to focus on driving strategies with precision.

One login, optimized campaigns across +100 global retailer platforms and marketplaces.

Leveraging first-party data in a privacy-first era

Retail media allows you to build custom attribution in a secure environment, using first-party data immune to shifting third-party cookie concerns.

A robust dataset in this closed-loop setting reduces guesswork and modeling. This knowledge empowers brands to segment audiences, delivering truly personalized campaigns, tailored to your customers, both on and off the retailer platform.

Display & Video

Optimize the full funnel

Quickly build orders, generate line items, and scale ROAS with 20% more efficiency than native retailer platform ad consoles with Flywheel’s programmatic ADSP ad engine.

Easier to build,
faster to scale

Build audiences, generate creatives, and add them to line items in seconds. We take the hard work out of building programmatic DSP campaigns so you can scale faster.

Amazon Marketing Cloud Integrations

Flywheel is the largest consumer of Amazon Market Cloud (AMC) data. Now you can access that expertise and experience,
directly in Flywheel Commerce Cloud.

Audience builder

Use pre-built AMC audiences, Flywheel’s exclusive curated audiences, or create custom audiences from scratch.

LTV Dashboard

Flywheel’s LTV dashboard, co-developed with Amazon Ads, offers effortless audience segmentation and unparalleled strategic depth.

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