Amazon Fee Recovery

Maximize your profits with Amazon fee recovery

Reclaim tens of thousands in profits lost to Amazon fees and move those dollars back into your bottom line.  Identify the root cause of unnecessary charges and fees to reduce these costs and maximize your profits for the future.

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$75+ M

in recovered fees for Flywheel’s clients

Flywheel averages an industry leading

75% recovery in both co-op and shortage recovery

Our fee recovery experts act as a trusted extension of your team

Flywheel’s Amazon reimbursement services combine automated technology and industry expertise to save you serious time and money.

Our team has a proven playbook that allows us to outpace our competitors when it comes to securing  Amazon reimbursements. Here’s what we can help with:

Resolving invoice shortages & price claims

If you shipped the correct units but were still affected by Amazon fees, or if back-end data issues caused a pay discrepancy and an incorrect fee, this lost revenue can be recovered. We’ll action both shortage and price claim discrepancies, submitting all documentation on your behalf.

Managing chargeback fees

We can handle disputes of all Amazon chargeback types including but not limited to Purchase Order, Transportation, Preparation, Advanced Shipment Notification and Receiving. More importantly, we can help you avoid accruing these fines in the first place.

Co-op recovery

Brands often assume that the selling fees they pay every month are accurate. Unfortunately this is often not the case.  Flywheel is able to find and repay your missing dollars at an incredibly high rate of around 80%. We will also validate instances where there is an overbill for any CoOp accrual post audit.

Case Study

Beauty Brand Recovers Overpaid Freight

The challenge

A major beauty manufacturer had a balance over $1 million from Amazon dollars dating back 12 months, and needed help to identify which of the invoices were valid.

The solution

The Flywheel team aggregated all individual invoices and compared against shipping receipts. We then worked with Amazon’s FinOps team to maximize recovery.

$1.4 M

Total balance

$377 K

Incorrectly charged by Amazon

$308 K

Total balance


Total balance

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FAQs about our Amazon fee recovery service

Why do brands need fee recovery services?

The reason Amazon reimbursement services exist is due to the complexity of Amazon's supply chain and reporting capabilities.  Unfortunately these fees are regularly charged incorrectly and can cost brands tens of thousands of dollars a month. Disputing these fees is incredibly difficult and time consuming.  While working on recovery, Flywheel can also help train your team on all the 35+ chargeback types to ensure you're successfully set up  to help prevent these fines from being incurred in the first place.

How much does Flywheel’s Amazon fee recovery service cost?

Flywheel has a competitive fee recovery services rate.  We do not charge upfront fees outside of an implementation fee.

How far back can Flywheel file reimbursements?

While it will depend on the type of reimbursement, we can typically go back 12-18 months to recover funds on behalf of your team.

What does Flywheel need from  me in order to perform a fee recovery audit?

We need access to Vendor Central and specific applications to run the audit.  Our team can walk you through what is needed.

Can Flywheel help me with Walmart fee recovery?

Right now this is an Amazon exclusive service. However we do have a partner that can provide assistance with Walmart fee recovery and we’re happy to refer our clients to them.