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Content Optimization

Save time & boost conversions with
AI-powered  content recommendations

Our AI-driven recommendations are fuelled by the largest proprietary dataset in the industry.

Stop spending valuable time analyzing your product page content. Instead, use generative AI to optimize product titles, descriptions, and bullets to increase search performance and drive conversion.

Catalog Maintenance

Automate product classification
for better insights and actionability

Efficiency & flexibility

Our rules-based system automates very manual classification tasks so you can classify thousands of products in minutes, not hours.

Consistency & precision

Remove human error and subjectivity in how products are classified. Get feedback when you build conflicting rules to anticipate overlap within your product hierarchy.

Advanced retail analytics

Get the full picture of your performance

Flywheel's integrated market intelligence solution is a one-stop shop for powerful insights that can inform and improve your retail operations.

Access custom segmentation to slice your business from category level all the way down to product type or color, or SKU.

Evaluate total sales and consumption trends compared to a prior period or year.

Differentiate between 1P and 3P sales within your category and among competitors. Draw on these insights to win and maintain market share.

See consumption data overlaid with media performance, availability, inventory, conversion rates, and more. Use this information to diagnose what's is and isn't working within a subset of your digital commerce portfolio.

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