Maximize market share with managed media.

Driving sustainable growth for the world’s largest brands.

Our team works seamlessly with yours, bridging theory and practice in digital commerce. Whether you're looking to maintain or win marketshare, drive incremental sales, or uncover new growth vectors for your business, we're here to support you.

Our commitment is simple: to provide the best possible service, tailor-made to deliver results for your unique business.

Global presence, local expertise.

Flywheel has a broad footprint with regional offices in cities from Baltimore to Tokyo and strategic remote team members across the globe. Our global reach makes us the largest integrator of advertising APIs worldwide, with local language experts managing campaigns in each region.

Paid Search

Appear where your customers are shopping with paid search

The right product, in the right place, at the right time.

Our team leverages our own AI-powered suite of technology tools to ensure that the most suitable retail-ready SKUs win at every auction, Our in-depth knowledge allows us to manage your campaigns with precision, adapting to each retailer's specific needs.

Single-SKU campaign management

Our approach focuses on positioning the right SKU at the right place and time, driving meaningful sales growth.

Sales growth versus ROAS-focused Goals

Benefit from our strategic focus on investment prioritization, honing in on opportunities for exponential sales growth.

Efficiency through automation.

With tools for intraday and rule-based bidding, placement targeting, and contextual automation, we simplify campaign management while maximizing results.

Staying ahead of the curve.

Flywheel monitors keyword trends, optimizing content and search strategies to seize the highest traffic opportunities before the competition.

Programmatic Display & Video

Amplify your presence with programmatic display & video

Connect with your customers,
wherever they are.

We are trusted experts at amplifying your brand with Amazon DSP, Walmart DSP, Roundel, and The Trade Desk.

We do more than just get your message out there.
We shape and refine it, ensuring it lands on the right platforms, and connects with the right audience.

Streaming TV and online video ads

Our expertise across STV, OLV and Twitch does more than just amplify your message. We shape and refine it, ensuring it lands on the right platforms, and connects with the right audience.

Your brand on the big (and small) screen.

We offer privileged access to both Amazon Publisher Direct and third-party exchanges to help your video ads find their way to your audiences through a wide range of top-tier streaming content.

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)

Implement custom insights with Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) analytics

Data that works harder for your brand

Our approach to Amazon Marketing Cloud analytics and activation is as unique as your business. We don't just offer analytics and measurements; we deliver personalized strategies tailored to your brand, recognizing your distinct needs and goals.

Are you ready to unlock the potential of AMC?

Discover how we can harness AMC insights to improve your brand's performance.

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Actionable insights

Our team can help you utilize powerful tools like the AMC Audience builder to convert surfaced insights into implementable strategies.

Personalized dashboards

Flywheel clients receive new-to-brand dashboards for benchmarking their advertising success, showing key statistics on customer lifetime value, path to purchase, and more.

AMC made easy

Our simple test-and-learn framework ensures a seamless onboarding process with predefined KPIs, allowing you to derive value from AMC in less than 12 weeks.

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