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Please beware of fraudulent job communications from individuals falsely claiming to be from Flywheel.

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We are aware of attempts whereby users are posing as Flywheel recruiters, employees and/or representatives. Such scams request payment or urgent action, targeting job seekers or freelance contractors. These attempts are made by email, phone or text messages using various channels like WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Facebook, etc.

Note that our team will never ask for or require any form of payment from prospective candidates nor require you to sign up for messaging services to attend any sort of company training in order to become a part-time staff member.

If you are solicited on social media or via messaging service by individuals impersonating Flywheel or similar companies, please do not share any sensitive personal information, including your Social Security Number, Tax ID or banking information. We also suggest that you promptly cease contact with them.

Always practice caution and verify the authenticity of any communication that is claiming to be from us.

  • Official communications will only come from emails using our official domain ( and our legitimate social media accounts (LinkedIn).
  • For job opportunities at Flywheel, click here to visit the career section on LinkedIn.
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links or providing sensitive information.
  • Contact us directly using our verified contact information if in doubt.
  • Additionally, if you are ever targeted by this type of phishing scam, you should make a report at or through your country’s equivalent agency.

Individuals or organizations questioning correspondence appearing to come from Flywheel can contact to confirm the communication’s legitimacy.

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