Conquer the holiday season with Market Share

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September 26, 2022
Conquer the holiday season with Market Share

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Are you positioned to win in the Amazon marketplace this holiday season?  Do you have the data to fuel your strategy?  Now is the time to ensure that you are in a position to win. Thanks to inflation and market volatility, the need for reliable market data is more urgent than ever. 

To succeed, you need to understand who your competitors are and how you're performing in relation to them. Market Share prepares you for the holiday season with predictions that are 95% accurate on,* plus five other key metrics that you can use to build out your strategy. 


Know your competition

Market Share allows you to measure both your and your competitor’s digital performance on Amazon (including sales, share, conversion, and pricing). This complete view of the market will provide you with all the information you need to assess what’s working in your strategy–and what elements might need improvement. 

You can also take a deeper look at your competitors, understanding what brands are winning weekly and monthly. 

Most importantly, you get your brand’s own Amazon-specific insights, so you can see traffic, conversion metrics, and best and worst performers. You get the data to take action when it matters most.


Threats to your share and fast movers

Here’s what challenger brands already know: 1P on Amazon is growing, but 3P is growing at a much faster rate (at almost 55% faster than 1P).^ In light of this information, many challenger brands are modifying their strategies. 

These brands understand that winning online, especially on Amazon, requires diversification. So, they’re making themselves more visible, both online and offline. With Market Share, you have the data to make informed decisions to drive your success.


Customer sentiment on your product

Uncovering customer sentiment on your product is challenging. Several factors are unknown, like: What do customers see when they type in certain keywords? And, do customers believe product quality varies among sellers?

Market Share answers these questions by allowing you to see the sources you're driving traffic from. This insight will allow you to be agile and give you a view of your prioritized threats and opportunities, making it possible for you to keep on top of trends.


Where to improve your product listings

Don't rely on name recognition alone. To improve your product listings, you need to play into Amazon's highly personalized, curated experiences–whether you're a household brand or a digital newbie. 

Market Share helps you deliver consumer-centric experiences on Amazon by allowing you to keep ahead of stock levels (because out-of-stock products drive customers to check out competitive options). You can also prepare for peak periods to stay ahead of price fluctuations.


An unbiased view of Amazon-specific trends

Market Share goes beyond sales and share measurement and into performance optimization metrics: you get a prioritized view of your Amazon performance. Market Share predictions are 95% accurate on, so you can trust it to measure your performance and benchmark against your competitors. 

The holiday season is here. Market Share gives you the ability to succeed, remain competitive, and drive your brand forward with actionable, accurate data insights. Make the holiday season a success with the data and insights that allow you to take action when it matters most - now.

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