Understanding the importance of content & Content Quality Scores on

A strategic approach to content on is necessary to maintain high Content Quality Scores that help drive product visibility for your catalog and open the door to more efficient advertising.

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Emma Irwin
October 2, 2023
Understanding the importance of content & Content Quality Scores on

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As one of the world’s largest retailers, Walmart is always looking to improve the on-site customer experience through continuous iterations of its content requirements. As a supplier or seller, it is your responsibility to abide by Walmart’s content requirements such as category-sepcific style guides in order to improve your Content Quality Scores.

What is a Content Quality Score?

Walmart’s Content Quality Score is a grade automatically given to a product page based on its title, content, and back-end information, like attributes. A page’s quality score provides a general idea of how optimized the page is for Walmart’s search engine. Walmart buyers and category specialists use Content Quality Scores to measure the quality and identify any issues on their category’s product pages.

Why Improve my Content Quality Score?

Because the Content Quality Score is a measure of your product page’s discoverability, improving your score will make it easier for shoppers to find! Items with optimized Content Quality Scores give Walmart’s search engine more to work with, allowing the product page to rank higher in search results and show up in a greater number of searches. Improving your product page’s Content Quality Score gets your item in front of more shoppers’ eyes, increases traffic, and leads to more sales and conversion opportunities.

What impacts my Content Quality Score?

Walmart’s Quality Scores are based on many different factors that can vary depending on a product’s category. These can include the number of characters in your title, the length of your description, number of images, video, rich media, back-end specifications, and more. Product pages with a Content Quality Score of 95% and higher have been optimized for discoverability on and the Walmart App.

Breaking down the Content Quality Score even more: the Content Score makes up 60%, and the Attribution Score makes up the other 40%. 

Your Content Score is based on your images, product name, site description, and key features. This is what matters most to the customer. Walmart provides clear image and copy guidelines to make improving your content score easy… but even with the guidelines you need to make sure you understand the Walmart shopper, so you can optimize your content for them.  

With your content optimized, you can focus on the second part of the equation: the Attribution Score. Attributes are back-end inputs that narrow down a product’s features, functionality, or audience. The search algorithm will use these essential details to understand exactly what your item is, and which shoppers to show it to.

Attributes can get complicated because they’re based on Walmart’s product-specific Style Guides, and there can be over two hundred of them for each product. On top of that,  Walmart is constantly revising these guides, so missing even one update can be detrimental to your product’s discoverability.     

Overall, it is critical for your brand to stay on top of Walmart’s changing content requirements and guidelines - and a partner like Flywheel can help make sure that your Content Quality Scores stay high to help drive visibility of your products.

Emma Irwin
Emma Irwin
Senior Brand Marketing Specialist, Flywheel
Emma Irwin
Senior Brand Marketing Specialist, Flywheel
Emma Irwin is a Senior Brand Marketing Specialist and host of the Commerce Collective Podcast. She began her Flywheel career on the client services team and has since transitioned into a marketing role responsible for producing informative resources for Flywheel's ecosystem.

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