AMC’s mid-March 2024 data releases

Amazon Ads released three important AMC tools in March 2024 - Subscribe & Save data in AMC, Prime Video supply sources in AMC, and Sponsored TV signals in AMC - here’s our debrief.

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Gabe Fishbein
April 4, 2024
AMC’s mid-March 2024 data releases

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Amazon Ads launched three significant new AMC tools in March 2024 - Subscribe & Save data, Prime Video supply sources, & Sponsored TV signals - and in this blog, for each launch we’ll cover:

  • What these tools are & how they work
  • Why these launches are exciting & their potential impact
  • How to approach utilizing these tools

Subscribe & Save (SnS) data in AMC

The moment is finally here - Subscribe & Save retail events are now available within AMC’s dataset. Its inclusion is so exciting because SnS consumers are among the highest long-term value to brands. Many large vendors invest significantly in the Amazon SnS program, and for good reason - we’ve seen ASINs with 50% of sales coming from SnS. We’re thrilled to finally be able to measure how ads support repeat purchase behavior for these highly valuable consumers.

This new data will provide the SNS subscription date, the first SnS order and repeat SnS orders. You can do some really exciting things in terms of analysis and action with this data including measuring the average length of a subscription in terms of the number of deliveries or the time between subscriptions to support with more media. You can read the full release notes from Amazon here.

Data is going to be backfilled to June 2023, which means that even if you're just setting up a new instance, you'll have this data going back almost a year. Now is the perfect opportunity to dig in and learn about SnS behavior on a deeper level than ever before.

Prime Video supply sources and Sponsored TV signals are now available in AMC

Streaming TV (STV) and video on demand (VOD) have revolutionized the way audiences consume content. With the rise of streaming services, viewers now have the flexibility to watch their favorite shows and movies whenever and wherever they choose. STV and VOD reach far wider audiences than static display and thus open up reach for brand new customers. 

We have performed analyses within AMC around which audiences are reached by static display vs. STV and found that anywhere from 85%-99% of customers who are addressed by STV have never been hit by a DSP static ad before, showing that STV has huge incremental reach potential. 

Prime Video has been added as a supply source within AMC, meaning that sports (like Thursday Night Football and NBA games) are now able to be broken out. Additionally, Prime Video on Demand - the recently added ad-supported subscription tier of Prime Video - is now its own supply source too: “Amazon Video ads.”

With these new Prime Video supply sources we can better measure the efficiency of advertising efforts across STV and video on demand.

Sponsored TV signals in AMC

Amazon Ads has also added Sponsored TV signals in AMC. This means that the new ad product type will come through – ”Sponsored Television” – within the traffic and conversions attributed events sources as well as sponsored ads traffic data sources. This gives you the ability to now measure the impact of ST as part of a total path to purchase while looking at intersections with other ad types.

In a soon-to-be-published case study, we've seen that a customer who's viewed Sponsored TV was twice as likely to convert on a Sponsored Product ad than a customer who had not seen Sponsored TV.

Prior to this release, we could only measure ST metrics within the Ads Console and API. Now that ST signals are in AMC, it provides visibility into how ST overlaps and interacts with other ad types in the purchase journey on a much more granular level.

You can read the full release notes from Amazon Prime Video and  STV here.

Gabe Fishbein
Gabe Fishbein
VP of Product Strategy, Flywheel
Gabe Fishbein
VP of Product Strategy, Flywheel
Gabe Fishbein is VP of Product Strategy at Flywheel. Since joining Flywheel in 2016, he has been responsible for the creation of innovative, first-to-market solutions to help brands disproportionately win on eCommerce.

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