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Flywheel unites as a single, global digital commerce powerhouse

Driving profitable sales through data and AI-powered retail media technology

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October 24, 2023
Flywheel unites as a single, global digital commerce powerhouse

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New York - October 24th, 2023. Flywheel, a trailblazing force in digital commerce since 2014, today announces the integration of 11 unique Ascential Digital Commerce brands to form a single, global brand.

Now unified as a singular, greater global entity, Flywheel emerges more influential than ever, promising brands access to unparalleled, sustainable growth in the world's largest, most complex digital marketplaces.

Highlights of Flywheel's reinvention include:

  • One powerful business: Flywheel now incorporates the unique capabilities of 11 brands previously under the Ascential Digital Commerce umbrella.
  • Enhanced offerings: Comprehensive services now range from media and retail, managed and self-service to consulting and retail insights.
  • Industry recognition: Flywheel's client list boasts over half of 2022's top 100 publicly listed CPG companies by revenue, according to Consumer Goods Technology.

Flywheel's repositioning is not just a brand transformation but a commitment to evolving with the fast-paced digital commerce landscape. The company's dedication is evident in its leading technology and expertise, helping to manage tens of billions in product sales and billions in advertising spend annually.

Duncan Painter, Chief Executive of Flywheel, states, “The retail world is fiendishly complex and ever changing.  But the goal of each brand remains the same – to use all the available data and the best technology to drive sales and scale profitably.  Whichever brands have access to this and the best expertise for how to take action, will win. Today we enter a new chapter. With our unique capabilities and expertise, close marketplace partnerships, and unrivaled data sets, the new Flywheel empowers brands to not just adapt but thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.”

Whether one of the world’s largest consumer product companies or a fast-growing brand, Flywheel scales to meet each client’s needs.  Solutions can be tailored from pure self-service software, to outsourced digital commerce management with dedicated experts as an extension of a client’s team, and everything in between.  

Benefits of partnering with the new Flywheel include:

  • Efficiency: AI-powered ad optimization ensures maximum reach and conversion.
  • Insight: Advanced analytics and machine learning provide clarity on market trends, aiding better growth investment decisions.
  • Simplification: Automation and bespoke consulting help brands navigate the intricate media landscape seamlessly.

To discover more about Flywheel's revolution in retail media technology visit the new or view the Flywheel brand launch video.

About Flywheel

Flywheel operates a leading cloud-based digital commerce platform across the world’s major digital marketplaces. It enables our clients to access near real-time performance measurement and improve sales, share, and profit.

Through our expertise, scale, global reach, and highly sophisticated AI and data-powered solutions, we provide differentiated value for both the world’s largest consumer product companies and fast-growing brands. These solutions can be tailored from pure self service software, to outsourced management of digital commerce marketplace operations, and everything in between.  

With operations across the Americas, Europe, APAC, and China we offer our clients access to massive, global markets and have solutions for more than 400 digital marketplaces.

Flywheel Digital is a division of Ascential plc, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange (

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Your partner in digital commerce excellence
Your partner in digital commerce excellence
We at Flywheel are a global team of 2000+ experts spanning more than 20 countires. With a range of specialities covering all aspects of digital commerce, we aim to set a new standard for our industry worldwide.

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