Getting started with Walmart Rich Media

Uploading rich media is critical for driving conversion - and here we’ve broken down everything you need to know about uploading high-quality rich media to your PDPs.

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Emma Irwin
October 2, 2023
Getting started with Walmart Rich Media

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What is Rich Media?

Rich media - also referred to as “Enhanced Content” or sometimes “Below the Fold” content - is any type of content on the PDP that goes beyond the required title, description, and image carousel, usually found towards the bottom of the page. 

Today’s shoppers expect PDPs to be filled with enough information about a product to feel comfortable making a purchase, which is why investing in high-quality rich media uploaded to your PDPs as a supplier or seller is critical for conversion. Think about your own experience as an online shopper - would you feel confident in purchasing a product that only has a title, images, and a brief description or would you prefer to see multiple visual elements that help you imagine the product in your life?

There are a variety of different types of rich media that can be uploaded to a PDP:


Videos are one of the easiest ways to provide eager shoppers with the product information they are looking for in order to make a purchase. Videos allow shoppers to see the product in real settings, observe how to use the product, and further demonstrate all of its features.

360 View

360 Views, or 360 photography, showcases a product rotation which allows shoppers to look from every angle - almost as if the product is right in front of them.

Feature Set

A Feature Set allows for adding images alongside text in the "About this item" section of a page with branding and other imagery not suited for regular product images. 

Feature Sets are closest to what's usually just called enhanced content on other retailers (or A+ Content on Amazon).

Comparison Table

A comparison table is a chart on product pages that shows shoppers products similar to the one they're viewing. You've probably seen one before on, most often added by Walmart merchants to let users shop for other items in the same category. But these comparison tables created by Walmart can drive traffic to pages that aren't yours, and that’s why it’s important to create your own comparison charts featuring products exclusively from your catalog.

Comparison charts offer an opportunity to educate confused or weary shoppers on what product is best for them while also helping them discover similar products from your brand.

Downloadable Documents

Downloadable Documents are perfect for instruction manuals, warranty information, recipes, or anything that a shopper would find useful or engaging.

Interactive Tour

Interactive Tours are modules that allow for highlighting specific features by placing clickable buttons on an image of the item. An interactive tour can help a shopper understand a complicated product by providing information and close-up imagery of the various pieces and parts of a product.

FAQ Section

Walmart has basic Q&A functionality that lets shoppers ask questions about an item directly on its item page, but suppliers and sellers can also upload their own frequently seen questions and provide answers to those questions to help shoppers find the information they’re probably looking for even faster.

How do I add Rich Media to my PDPs?

The most complicated part of adding rich media to your PDPs is acquiring or developing the necessary assets to build product-specific content. Thankfully, Flywheel’s Content Studio can develop these assets for you and our client services teams can handle the uploading so that you can invest your time elsewhere, while SkuNinja makes the uploading and syndicating part a breeze for brands utilizing the self-service functionality (while offering a real life support team, too). For many brands, the necessary digital assets usually already exist, they just need to be organized in a way that makes sense for a Walmart PDP.

Not every single product in a catalog needs completely individualized rich media content, and Walmart allows for many rich media modules to be bulk uploaded to a variety of products. We recommend customizing as many modules as possible to a product, but content that showcases the features of a specific range or line of products or educates consumers about the brand can help alleviate the time-consuming nature of developing individual assets.

Emma Irwin
Emma Irwin
Senior Brand Marketing Specialist, Flywheel
Emma Irwin
Senior Brand Marketing Specialist, Flywheel
Emma Irwin is a Senior Brand Marketing Specialist and host of the Commerce Collective Podcast. She began her Flywheel career on the client services team and has since transitioned into a marketing role responsible for producing informative resources for Flywheel's ecosystem.

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